SilverCrest Robot Vacuum Cleaner SSRA1


IAN: 322194

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Smart – controlled via the app for easy daily programming
Up to 40 voice commands

Parts description
Robot vacuum cleaner
1 Display
2 Charging dock
3 Charging contacts
4 Mains cable
5 Virtual wall
6 HEPA filter
7 Replacement side brushes
8 Cleaning brush
9 Power switch
10 Charging socket
11 “Dust collector“ button
12 “Start / Pause“ button
13 -“Auto mode“ button
14 -“Set schedule“ button
15 -“Spot mode /Decrease time“ button
16 -“Return mode / Increase time“ button
17 Dust collector
18 Side wheel
19 Combo floor brush
20 Side brushes
21 Anti-drop sensor
22 Front wheel
23 Anti-collision sensor
24 Dust collector cover
25 Main filter
26 Foam filter
Remote Control
27 -Directional buttons
28 -“Start / Pause“ button
29 -“Spot mode“ button
30 -“Corner mode“ button
31 -“Find robot vacuum cleaner“ button
32 -“Max mode“ button
33 “Return mode“ button
34 -“Auto mode“ button
Delivery contents
Verify the contents are complete and the product is
in perfect condition immediately after unpacking.
1 Robot vacuum cleaner
1 Dust collector
1 Charging dock
1 Virtual wall
1 Main combo floor
brush with bristles and
flexible beaters
2 HEPA filter
4 Side brushes
1 Remote control
1 Mains adapter
1 Cleaning brush
2 AA batteries
2 AAA batteries
1 Set of instructions
for use
Technical data
Robot vacuum cleaner
Model: Silvercrest SSRA1
Operating voltage: 14.8V (direct current)
Rated power: 22W
Battery pack: Lithium-ion rechargeable
battery (4 cells), 2.6Ah,
14.8V, 38.5Wh
Run time: max. 120 minutes (varies
by mode and flooring)
Charging time: approx. 5–6 hours
Charging dock
Rated output voltage: 19V (direct current)
Rated output current: 0.6A
Remote Control
Model: SSRA1
Rated input voltage: 3V (direct current)
Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA (included)
Frequency band: 2.412–2.484GHz
Maximum radiated
transmitting power: 280mA@16dBm
Mains adapter
Input: 100–240V∼ 0.5A
max. 50/60Hz
Output: 19V (direct current) 0.6A
Power consumption
on standby: max. 1W
Power consumption
when charging: max. 15.5W
Virtual wall
Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA (included)
System requirements: iOS from Version 9.0,
Android™ from Version 4.4

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