Zoofari cat toy, electric and interactive, underside with rubber knobs

ZOOFARI® cat toy, electric and interactive, bottom with rubber knobs 1

Electric and interactive cat toy
Activates the game and hunting instinct
Cat toy
Rubber knobs on the underside of the toy to keep your cat safe while playing
Including batteries
Cat toy “ball and fishing line”:
Including removable cat fishing rod with 360 ° rotor to improve responsiveness
With bell ball
Cat toy “catch the cord”:
Movable rod with rubber cord and removable cover
4 speed levels
Cat toy “mouse hunt”:
Mouse changes direction and comes out irregularly
2 speed levels
Ball and fishing line: approx. H 18 x W 8 x D 8 cm
Catch the cord: approx. Ø 60 cm
Mouse hunt: approx. Ø 26 x H 6.8 cm
Ball and fishing line: plastic
Catch the cord: plastic, polyester
Mouse hunt: plastic
Ball and fishing line: approx. 296 g
Catch the line: approx. 390 g
Mouse hunt: approx. 465 g

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One Reply to “Zoofari cat toy, electric and interactive, underside with rubber knobs”

  1. Hello, please would you let me know where I can buy a replacement cat toy with ball and stick underneath apron. My cat is bereft without it.
    I’d like to buy others too. I live in France near Castelnaudary 11400 Lidl, originally purchased Colchester , Essex, UK.
    Currently in France but UK ok too.
    Many thanks. Stay safe.

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