Ernesto Baking Utensil Set

IAN: 324402

Baking Utensil Set

• Please note that the product may get hot during baking. Wear
oven mitts or grill gloves for your own safety.
• Do not cut on the product. This may damage the product.
• Do not use a crisp function in the microwave. This may damage
the product.
• FOOD SAFE! This product does not affect the taste and aroma
properties of foodstuffs.
• Please clean the product with warm water and a mild washingup liquid before initial use. Dry it off carefully.
• Make sure you are familiar with the proper operation of your
• Check the operating instructions for your oven to find out how
to use the available output power of the oven for baking.
• The product is suitable for oven/microwave use only. The
product is not suitable for use on an electric cooker, over an
open flame or on a grill.
• Wash the product with warm water after using it and dry it off
• This product is suitable for dishwasher.
• Permanent food stain may appear after using, but it will not
impair the function of the product.
• The packaging is made entirely of recyclable materials, which
you may dispose of at local recycling facilities.
• Contact your local refuse disposal authority for more details of
how to dispose of your worn-out product.

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