AquaPur Aluminium Rotary Clothes Airer

Aluminium Rotary Clothes airer with protective cover and screw-in ground anchor

IAN: 327051

Aluminium Rotary Clothes Airer
With protective cover and screw-in ground anchor
Windproof and lightweight aluminium frame – only 3.5kg
Weather- and UV-resistant
Height-adjustable (approx. 143-177cm) and freely rotatable
Easy to open and close using one hand – with locking function
Usable line length approx. 52.5m (total length 54m) for up to 6 washing machine loads
Taut lines with patented line clamps on each arm
8 windproof clothes hanger holders
Durable protective cover with long zip
Practical screw-in ground anchor – also suitable for installation in foundations
Includes tool for screwing into the ground
Lateral span width approx. 210cm, folded-out diameter approx. 295cm

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