Parkside Patio Cleaner PFR 28 A2

Flächenreiniger / Patio Cleaner / Accessoire de nettoyage haute pression PFR 28 A2

IAN: 327190

Patio Cleaner PFR 28 A2
For efficient and splash-free cleaning of exterior surfaces
Adjustable water pressure for gentle or higher intensity cleaning
Ideal for patios, paths, walls or garage doors
High cleaning performance due to the rotating nozzle system
Effortless cleaning thanks to sliding brushes and the adjustable cleaning head
Cleaning head with handles for easy use even on vertical surfaces
Space-saving separable connecting tube
Designed for a working / rated pressure of max. 115 bar
Suitable for Parkside Pressure Washers from the PHD 100*, PHD 110, PHD 135, PHD 150 and PHD 170 series
Includes adaptor for other standard pressure washers (with working / rated pressure of up to 115 bar), e.g. Kärcher

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