PlayTive Junior bath fun set

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR bath fun set 1

Funny fun to swim and splash around
Bubble bath machine:
Learn to playfully wash with the wellness bear
Generates foam when the lever is pulled
Contents: shower, removable bathtub, shampoo bottle, 2 buckets, brush, bear
7 pieces
Age recommendation: from 1½ years
Rocket fountain:
Playfully promotes the use of water
Rocket with rotating water vortex and water fountain
Water strainer at the tip of the rocket
Age recommendation: from 1 year
Penguin family:
Promotes hand-eye coordination, skill and logical thinking
Contents: 4 penguin children with suction cup for sucking in, penguin mom with play and shovel function
10 pieces
Age recommendation: from 1 year
Bubble bath machine:
Main part: approx. W 14.1 x H 19.4 x D 26 cm
Bear: approx. W 8.2 x H 6.4 x D 11.7 cm
Wash brush: approx. W 3.1 x H 2.1 x D 7 cm
Bucket: approx.Ø 4.5 x H 3.5 cm
Soap dispenser: approx. Ø 4.6 x H 7.6 cm
Rocket fountain: approx. W 13.6 x H 23 x D 14.9 cm
Penguin family:
Penguin mother body without limbs: approx.B 16.7 x H 6.7 x D 22.4 cm
Penguin nut with removable yellow arm: approx. W 5.8 x H 3.6 x D 18.9 cm
Penguin nut with removable green arm: approx. W 5.8 x H 3.6 x D 19.4 cm
Penguin mother’s removable red leg: approx. W 7 x H 4 x D 13.8 cm
Penguin nut removable blue leg: approx. W 7 x H 4 x D 14.1 cm
Penguin children: each approx. Ø 4.9 x H 6.3 cm
Bubble bath machine: approx. 480 g
Rocket fountain: approx. 344 g
Penguin family: approx. 376.5 g

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