PlayTive Junior wooden educational game

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR wooden educational game 1

Tapping bench with xylophone:
Promotes hand-eye coordination and logical thinking
With 3 colored wooden balls and a hammer
6 pieces
Tapping bench:
Promotes fine motor skills, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination
With 8 wooden nails and hammer
Rocker mechanism: one nail in – one nail out
2 parts
Drawing turtle:
Promotes fine motor skills, shape recognition and logical thinking
Removable drum with play
The drum and head move when pulled
8 pieces
Active dice:
5 exciting educational games: colorful spiral track (can be stowed in the cube), funny running tracks, rotating frog, colorful learning clock, child-friendly plug-in game
Promotes dexterity, spatial imagination and logical thinking
5 pieces
Made of real wood
Age recommendation: from 1 to 3 years
Tapping bench with xylophone:
Tapping bench: approx. W 15 x H 13.3 x D 22 cm
Hammer: approx. W 6.3 x H 2.98 x D 16.2 cm
Tapping bench:
Tapping bench: approx. W 17.4 x H 13.4 x D 22.4 cm
Hammer: approx. W 7 x H 3.45 x D 13.5 cm
Drawing turtle: approx. W 13.3 x H 19.5 x D 31.3 cm
Active cubes: approx. W 15.5 x H 17 x D 15.5 cm
Tapping bench with xylophone: approx. 860 g
Tapping bench: approx. 940 g
Drawing turtle: approx. 840 g
Active dice: approx. 900 g
WARNING! Tapping bench with xylophone: Do not use near the ears. Abuse can damage your hearing.

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