Parkside paint and mortar stirrer PFMR 1600 1600 watt, with powerful motor

PARKSIDE® paint and mortar stirrer »PFMR 1600«, 1600 watt, with powerful motor 1

For thorough and energy-saving mixing of liquid and powdery building materials
Powerful engine also processes heavy mix and large quantities
Optimal adaptation to the mix through stepless, electronic speed control
Comfortable soft start (soft start)
Ergonomic handles with dust-protected switch
Durable thanks to the robust aluminum device head and high-quality gear
Included accessories: 1 universal whisk (2 pieces), 2 assembly keys
Including instructions
Technical specifications
With AC motor, copper winding
Rated power: 1600 watts
Rated idling speed: n0 0–700 rpm
Stirrer holder: M14
Ø universal whisk: approx. 138 mm
Cable length: approx. 4 m
Housing: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Device: approx. 264 x 194 x 310 mm
Assembly wrench (2 pieces): approx. 194 x 52 mm
Mixing rod mixer: approx. 244 x Ø 138 x Ø 14 mm
Stirring rod shaft: approx. 370 x Ø 14 mm
Device: approx. 3840 g
Assembly wrench (2 pieces): approx. 176 g
Mixing rod mixer: approx. 870 g
Stirring shaft: approx. 450 g

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