UltimateSpeed organizer / child seat pad / backrest tablet holder

ULTIMATE SPEED® organizer / child seat pad / backrest tablet holder 1

Order box:
Compartment with removal opening for tissue boxes
Can be divided individually by removable Velcro partitions
Secure and easy to fix on the middle belt
Can be folded to save space
Suitable for all standard handkerchief boxes
Child seat pad:
Protects the car seats and provides better grip
3 mesh pockets for additional storage space
Strap for easy attachment to the car seat
Durable and long-lasting
Suitable for all standard child car seats
Wipeable with a damp cloth
Backrest tablet holder:
Suitable for all common tablets with the dimensions 21 to 31 cm (8.27 to 12.2 in)
Simple, tool-free attachment to the headrest
360 ° rotatable for portrait and landscape orientation
Swiveling for optimal viewing angle
High stability against vibrations
Suitable for all standard headrests
Organizer: approx. W 24 x H 16 x L 40 cm
Child seat pad: approx. W 48 x L 86 cm
Backrest tablet holder: approx. 22 x 12 x 8.2 cm
Order box: approx. 700 g
Child seat pad: approx. 405 g
Backrest tablet holder: approx. 208 g

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