PARKSIDE® hammer and chisel hammer PBH 1050 C3 1050 watt, pneumatic hammer mechanism

For powerful processing of concrete, stone, metal or wood
Pneumatic hammer mechanism with high impact
Central selector switch for all functions:
Drilling – without a blow
Hammer drilling – with activated hammer mechanism
Chisels – activated striking mechanism with turning stop
Chisel alignment setting (infinitely variable)
Setting wheel for speed limitation
Keyless chuck with holder according to the SDS-Plus system
Attachable keyless chuck for round shank drills
Non-slip soft grip equipment
Additional handle can be rotated through 360 °
Mains connection indicator light
Included accessories:
1 pointed chisel (250 mm)
1 flat chisel (250 mm)
3 drills (Ø 6/8/10 mm x 150 mm)
1 depth stop
1 keyless chuck for round shank drills
50 g special grease for drill bit holder
Technical specifications
With AC motor, copper winding
Rated power: 1,050 watts
Impact strength: 3.0 joules
Number of blows: 0-5,300 rpm
Idling speed: n0 0–980 rpm
Max. Drilling diameter: 26 mm in concrete and stone / 13 mm in metal / 32 mm in wood
Housing: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Hammer: approx. 393 x 213 x 102 mm
Additional handle: approx. 94 x 202 x 70 mm
Keyless chuck: approx.42.4 x 111 mm
Set of 3 drills: approx. 10 x 150 mm
Pointed chisel: approx. 14 x 250 mm
Flat chisel: approx. 14 x 250 mm
Depth stop: approx. L 210 mm
Case: approx. 423 x 314.5 x 118 mm
Cable length: approx. 4 m
Hammer: approx.3,600 g
Additional handle: approx. 157 g
Keyless chuck: approx. 280 g
Set of 3 drills: approx. 158 g
Pointed chisel: approx. 230 g
Flat chisel: approx. 235 g
Depth stop: approx. 50 g
Case: approx. 1280 g

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