PARKSIDE mitre and chop saw PKS 1500 1500 watts, 12 cm cutting length, with laser

For precise sawing of wood and plastic
Laser for increased cutting precision
Infinitely tiltable saw head
Miter adjustable continuously or with fixed angles
Clamping device and side support bracket for workpiece fixation
Compact design with a practical handle
Easily attachable dust collection bag – can also be connected to external dust extraction
Suitable for fixed workbench assembly (fastening material not included)
Included accessories:
1 saw blade (pre-assembled: approx. Ø 210 mm, 48 teeth)
1 dust bag
1 tool for changing the saw blade
1 tool for setting the workpiece stop
2 replacement carbon brushes
2 alkaline batteries (for laser)
Parkside crosscut and miter saw
Technical details

Recording power: 1,500 watts
Idling speed: 5,000 rpm
Cutting length: max. 120 mm
Cutting height: max. 60 mm (35 mm at 45 °)
Tilt adjustment: 0 ° to 45 ° (continuously)
Miter setting: -45 ° to + 45 ° (continuously)
Saw blade: Ø 210 mm / 48 teeth (pre-assembled)
Cable length: 2 m

Turntable, base plate and housing: die-cast aluminum
Blade guard and switch: plastic
Handle, table insert and holder for laser: PA
Handle rubber: polyphenylene ether (PPE)
Cable laser, buttons: polyamide 6 (PA6)
Rubber parts; Cable, connector: polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Crosscut saw:
approx. 405 x 420 x 300 mm (without accessories; machine head in lower position)
approx. 405 x 340 x 455 mm (without accessories; machine head in the upper position)
Clamp: approx. 88 x 51 x 125 mm
Workpiece support: approx. 190 x 98 x 22 mm (Ø 8mm)
Anti-tip bracket: approx. 162 x 208 x 30 mm (Ø 8mm)
Hex key: SW 6
Hex key: SW 3
Dust bag: approx. 310 x 160 mm (connection Ø approx. 40 mm)
approx.7.6 kg

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