Parkside Router POF 1200 D3

PARKSIDE® router 1


IAN: 322471

Router POF 1200 D3
For versatile and precise working of wood, lightweight building materials and non-ferrous metals
Adjustable depth stop with fine adjustment
Fast routing depth selection with 6 stage revolving limit stop
Adjustable rotation speed
Easy tool change with integrated spindle restraint
Template guide for precise reproduction of cutting shapes
Caliper point for circle cutting function
Quick-release lever for routing depth restraint
Connection for external dust extraction including adaptor and reducer
Includes 6 piece router bit set for wood
Suitable for standard routers with 6 or 8mm shaft

Router with quick milling depth selection and
6-stage turret stop

For versatile and precise processing of wood, lightweight materials and non-ferrous metals
Infinitely adjustable depth stop with fine adjustment
Infinitely adjustable speed
Easy tool change through integrated spindle lock
Copy sleeve for the precise reproduction of cut shapes
Connection for external dust extraction including adapter and reducer
Compass tip for circular cutting function
Quick release lever for milling depth lock
Suitable for standard cutters with 6 or 8 mm shank

Included accessories: 6-piece cutter set for wood, 2 collets (6 and 8 mm),
1 rip fence, 1 copying sleeve, 1 compass tip, 1 adapter for external dust extraction including reducer, 1 open-end wrench, 1 hexagon wrench

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Workshop equipment
Technical specifications
Nominal consumption: approx.1,200 watts
Idling speed: approx. 11,000-30,000 rpm
Milling basket stroke: approx. 55 mm
Tool holder: approx. 6 and 8 mm
Power cord: approx. L 4 m
Plastic housing: polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Device base: die-cast aluminum
Router: approx. W 25.5 x H 25.67 x D 12 cm
Rip fence: approx. W 19 x H 3.8 x D 10.55 cm
Reduction piece (suction): approx.Ø 3.6 x L 4.5 cm
Suction adapter: approx. W 6.2 x H 6.3 x D 14.2 cm
Centering mandrel: approx. Ø 1.0 x L 4.1 cm
Slide rod with screw for rip fence (2 pieces): each approx. Ø 0.8 x L 25.5 cm
Copy sleeve: approx. W 2.25 x H 3.65 x D 6 cm
Open-end wrench: approx.B 3.5 x L 13.7 cm
Collet: approx. W 1.0 x H 1.2 x D 1.65 cm
Hex key: approx.B 1.8 x L 5.2 cm
Router: approx.2.675 kg

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