SILVERCREST blower pump »SGP C3«, electrical, power plug or car adapter, 230 or 12 V

SILVERCREST® blower pump »SGP C3«, electrical, mains plug or vehicle adapter, 230 or 12 V 1

Ideal for air mattresses, paddling pools, boats etc.
Time-saving thanks to high air volume output
230 V mains plug
With mains plug for household use
12 V car adapter
for connection to the cigarette lighter
With 12 V car adapter for on the go
Easy inflation or deflation at the push of a button
Incl. 3 different attachments for all standard stopper, screw and drain valves
Technical specifications
230 V mains plug: Max. Air pressure approx. 0.055 bar
12 V car adapter: Max. Air pressure approx. 0.052 bar
230 V mains plug: mains cable length approx.2.7 m
12 V car adapter: power cord length approx. 3 m
230 V mains plug: 547 g (incl.adapter)
12 V car adapter: 563 g (incl.adapter)

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