PARKSIDE petrol combi tool PBK 4 A1, with 4 cutting attachments, 2-stroke engine

PARKSIDE® petrol combi tool »PBK 4 A1«, with 4 cutting attachments, 2-stroke engine 1

Flexible combination system with 4 applications: lawn trimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer and pruner
Simple, tool-free change of attachment
Optional 90 cm extension shaft
Safe tree and hedge trimming from the ground – working height up to approx. 3.5 m
Comfortable cutting of weed and thicket areas
Drive unit PBK 4 A1-1:
Powerful 2-stroke petrol engine with 1.35 kW (1.85 hp)
Maintenance-free electronic ignition with pull starter
Comfort riser system with quick release device
Ergonomic loop handle
Scythe attachment PBK 4 A1-2:
Lawn trimmer attachment: line spool with automatic tip
Brush cutter attachment: Robust 3-tooth steel knife
Hedge trimmer attachment PBK 4 A1-3:
Durable quality knife made from lasered special steel
Working angles that can be adjusted without tools in 12 steps from approx. -90 ° to 75 °
Pushbutton actuator PBK 4 A1-4:
High quality sword and durable chain from Oregon®
Automatic chain oil system
Included accessories: extension shaft (90 cm), cutting attachment protection, 6 m spare thread, 2 protective quivers, mixing container, funnel, 100 ml organic saw chain oil (Made in Germany), 4-part assembly tool, tool bag and safety glasses
Technical specifications
2-stroke engine
Idling speed: 3000 rpm
Attribution unit: power 1.35 kW (1.85 hp)
Lawn trimmer: cutting diameter approx. 43 cm
Brush cutter: cutting diameter approx. 25.5 cm
Hedge trimmer: cutting length approx. 42.5 cm
Pushbutton: Cuttable branch thickness up to approx. 26 cm
Housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30), aluminum
Tank: polyethylene (PE)
Cutting protection sleeves: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP)
Motor unit: approx. 268 x 1060 x 266 mm
Knife and thread spool attachment: approx. 855 x 95 x 80 mm
Hedge trimmer attachment: approx. 850 x 105 x 88 mm
Pruner attachment: approx. 755 x 115 x 87.5 mm
Extension attachment: approx. 905 x 65 x 66 mm
3-tooth cutting knife: approx.Ø 255 mm x 25.4 x 1.4 mm
Thread spool: approx. Ø 129 x 65 mm
Handle with barrier bracket: approx. 328 x 155 x 69.5 mm
Tool bag: approx. 200 x 116 x 10 mm
Motor unit: approx. 5600 g
Knife and thread spool attachment: approx. 1215 g
Hedge trimmer attachment: approx. 2119 g (without protective cover)
Pruner attachment: approx. 1100 g
Extension attachment: approx. 821 g
3-tooth cutting knife: approx. 278 g
Thread spool: approx. 395 g
Handle with barrier bracket: approx. 341 g
Carrying strap: approx. 455 g
Tool bag: approx. 22 g

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