ERNESTO Kushino knives, 2 pieces, including blade protection covers, with non-stick coating Blade material: stainless steel Blade length: approx. 9 cm / 12.5 cm Dishwasher-safe: yes Incl. Blade protection sleeves

ERNESTO® Kushino knife, 2-part, including blade protection sleeves, with non-stick coating 1

Extra sharp, non-stick coated blades made of rustproof stainless steel
Incl. Blade protection sleeves
2 parts
Dishwasher safe
Knife small:
Blade: approx. 9 cm
Handle: approx.11.5 cm
Large knife:
Blade: approx.12.5 cm
Handle: approx.11.5 cm
Knife small: approx. 45 g
Large knife: approx. 53 g

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