CRIVIT drinking bottle / protein shaker, BPA-free In stylish colors. Capacity: approx. 2.2 l / approx. 650 ml

CRIVIT® drinking bottle / protein shaker, BPA-free 1

Fitness bottle:
Extra large water bottle
With a practical handle
Sealing cap made of stainless steel – additionally fastened with tape
Protein shaker:
Two unscrewable storage containers for capsules, powder or tablets
Plastic ball for mixing powder and drink
Leakproof and dishwasher safe
Fitness bottle: approx.2.2 l
Protein shaker: approx. 650 ml
Fitness bottle: approx. H 26.7 x W 13 x D 13 cm
Protein shaker: approx. H 25 x W 9.6 x D 10.5 cm
Polypropylene (PP)
Protein shaker: approx. 196 g
Fitness bottle: approx. 228 g

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