ESMARA maternity wear, top, 2 pieces, natural comfort, high organic cotton content Natural comfort thanks to high organic cotton content

ESMARA® maternity wear, top, 2 pieces, natural comfort, high organic cotton content 1

ESMARA maternity wear, top, 2 pieces
Chic maternity wear
Pregnancy is a time when women attach great importance to good and chic clothes. At the same time, this should take into account the changing body and best fit throughout the pregnancy. With the shirts that can be ordered from us in the shop, you are always perfectly and fashionably chic on the go.

Made from high quality materials
The changing body in particular requires materials that are soft and supple, do not constrict and at the same time ensure full freedom of movement. A high-quality blended fabric is therefore used for the shirts, which on the one hand consists of the best organic cotton. On the other hand, it offers a small amount of elastane, which ensures the stretchability of the fabric, but without the fabric wearing out. The great wearing comfort of the tops is not lost when you put the shirt in the washing machine in the evening and wash it there at a maximum of 40 degrees. Then you can even put the cotton shirt in the dryer, in case you want to wear it again the following day. You will notice: Even after many washes, the tops still look like new. We have the shirts ready for you in a total of three color combinations, whereby you will receive a pack of two shirts each. The models are available in all common sizes. Please choose your normal clothing size when ordering, because the tops are already shaped so that they grow with your belly. Of course, the models are perfectly processed and have a decorative cutout and double-finished, flat seams.

Can be perfectly combined
Summer or winter, no matter what time of year you are pregnant, you can wear the shirts in the warm season as a soloist or in combination with a loose blouse or a thin cardigan to tie. In the cold season, however, you can pull the tops as undershirts under your thick knitted sweater. So that you always leave the house well dressed, even in the most beautiful time of life, combine with a shirt or a colorful scarf and put on some subtle jewelry. You can wear the trendy maternity shirts with your jeans or chinos. The shirts also look great when you wear them over an adjustable skirt. In addition to the armpits, we have a wealth of other models for you during pregnancy.

Available in: stripes / navy, gray / white & white / black
Natural comfort thanks to high organic cotton content
Particularly convenient for pregnancy and after childbirth
2 pieces
95% cotton, 5% spandex

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