CRELANDO creative range
Glitter sticker set / cardboard block / hotfoil washi tape / window pictures templates / autumn craft set / contour sticker set / felt flower craft set
Handicraft creative set

CRELANDO® creative range 1

CRELANDO creative handicraft range
Glitter sticker set:
183 glittering and shiny stickers
For decorating greeting cards, photo albums, gifts or home accessories
For smooth surfaces
183 pieces
Motif cardboard block:
For creative design ideas and lots of handicraft fun
17 sheets of motif cardboard printed on one side (250 g / m²)
7 sheets of one-sided printed cardboard (230 g / m²)
24 x 34 cm
17 x motif cardboard
7 x kraft cardboard
24 sheets
Hotfoil Washi Tape:
For effective decorating and decorating
5 rolls of 5 m each in 3 different widths (5 mm / 10 mm / 15 mm)
Harmoniously coordinated set with hot foil finishing
For smooth surfaces
5 roles
Window images templates:
Window picture templates including chalk markers
For perfectly designed window decorations
4 large motif templates for direct tracing with a chalk marker
1 marker with water-based liquid chalk
4 motif templates of 52 x 73 cm
Including storage folder
For labeling and designing glass
Liquid chalk can be removed with a damp cloth without leaving any residue
5 parts
Autumn craft kit:
For colorful handicrafts – suitable for the season
Wide range of different types of cardboard and paper
Including handicraft instructions and pattern sheet for the examples shown
7 audio drawing papers
2 motif boxes
6 photo boxes
4 tracing papers
2 sheets of corrugated cardboard (E-flute)
1 glitter cardboard
2 felt borders (100% polyester)
1 satin ribbon (100% polyester)
24 gemstones
49 pieces
Contour sticker set:
Over 500 contour stickers in rose gold, gold, silver and copper
For decorating greeting cards, photo albums, gifts or home accessories
For smooth surfaces
Over 500 pieces
Felt blossom craft set:
For making decorative flower wreaths in 3 sizes
Including handicraft instructions and pattern sheet
9 sheets of assorted colors of craft felt in the format 24 x 34 cm (100% polyester)
3 pre-cut wreath shapes made of gray cardboard
12 pieces
Glitter sticker set: approx. 14.8 x 16.6 cm
Motif cardboard block: approx. 24 x 34 cm
Hotfoil Washi tape: approx. 5 m long
Window picture templates: approx. 72.6 x 51.5 cm
Autumn craft set: approx. 25 x 35 cm
Contour sticker set: approx. 10 x 24 cm
Felt blossom craft set: approx. 24 x 34 cm
Glitter sticker set: approx. 51 g
Motif cardboard block: approx. 540 g
Hotfoil washi tape: approx. 40 g
Window pictures templates: approx. 118 g
Autumn craft set: approx. 345 g
Contour sticker set: approx. 100 g
Felt flower craft set: approx. 230 g

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