SILVERCREST hand mixer, with bowl, splash guard
Power: approx. 300 W
Speed: 5 levels, turbo button
With device stand and hand blender function

SILVERCREST hand mixer with bowl and splash guard
With device stand and hand blender function
Automatically driven rotating bowl for removal
Splash protection cover with closable filling opening
5 speed levels and turbo button
Hand mixer can also be used without an equipment stand
With hand blender function
Capacity (mixing bowl): approx. 2.5 l
10 pieces
Dough scraper, mixing bowl, splash guard, whisk and dough hook are dishwasher-safe
Technical specifications
Power consumption: 300 W

scope of delivery
1x device with stand
2x stainless steel whisk
2x dough hook made of stainless steel
1x puree attachment with stainless steel knife
1x plastic dough scraper
approx. 21.6 x 30.7 x 35.2 cm
Mixing bowl: approx. 246 g
Hand mixer: approx. 1140 g
Dough hook: approx. 78 g (2 pieces)
Whisk: approx. 92 g (2 pieces)
Hand blender: approx. 74g
Dough scraper: approx. 12 g
Splash protection cover: approx. 83 g
Base: approx. 661 g

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