Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner “AD 2”, with 1.5 m suction hose
Power: W 600
Capacity: 14 l
Filter cleaning: at the push of a button
Fast opening, closing, etc. Emptying of the container
1.2 m suction hose made of coated metal

Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner »AD 2«, with 1.5 m suction hose 1

Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner “AD 2”
Powerful, durable, user-friendly, versatile and safe: the AD 2 ash and dry vacuum cleaner with 600 watt turbine makes removing ash child’s play. It owes its long-lasting suction power to an integrated filter cleaning system that blows the clogged filter free at the push of a button, thus increasing the suction power again. Thanks to a 1-part filter system with a robust flat pleated filter and metal coarse dirt filter as well as a practical handle on the container, it can be emptied easily, quickly and without any contact with dirt.

The metal container, a flexible suction hose made of coated metal and high-quality flame-retardant material offer maximum safety when collecting ashes. The beveled hand tube enables optimal working comfort and is particularly impressive in corners and hard-to-reach places in the fireplace. Ash residues can thus be completely vacuumed up. Thanks to its compact design, the ash vacuum cleaner can be stowed away at any time to save space and the suction hose can be conveniently placed in the leaning position.


Kärcher ash and dry vacuum cleaner for removing ash and cleaning grills, chimneys, etc.
Beveled hand tube – for complete cleaning of all corners and narrow spaces in the chimney
1.2 meter suction hose made of coated metal – for high flexibility and flexible work
“Pull & Push” locking system – easy and quick opening, closing and emptying of the container
Practical handle on the container – for convenient emptying of the container
Practical parking position on the device – ready-to-hand storage of the suction hose – ideal for leaning against work interruptions
Large cable hook – for safe and convenient storage of the connection cable
Compact and lightweight design – for space-saving device storage
Container size: 14 liters
Technical specifications

Max. Input power: W 600
Nominal width accessories: 35 mm
Type of current: 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Actual suction power: 150 (Air Watt)



approx. L 34.5 x W 33 x H 44 cm


approx. 4.4 kg

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