CRELANDO sewing and tailoring range
Sewing thread assortment / tailor boutique / pattern copy set

CRELANDO® Näh - und Schneidersortiment 1

CRELANDO sewing and tailoring range
Sewing thread assortment:
Ideal for the sewing machine and for sewing by hand
Contents: 32 sewing thread spools of 50 m each, 32 bobbin thread spools of 25 m each
64 pieces
Syngarn sewing threads made of 100% polyester, stable and colourfast
Tailor Boutique:
A wide range of accessories for home and hobby tailoring
202 pieces
30 sewing needles in different sizes
120 steel pins
1 seam ripper with protective hood
1 marking wheel for exact copying of cutting patterns
1 universal scissors, length approx. 20 cm
1 tailor’s pen with brush
1 metal thimble
1 white tailor’s chalk
2 needle threader, silver-colored
12 safety pins in 4 sizes
5 sewing machine needles JEANS, sizes 70-80-90-100
5 UNIVERSAL sewing machine needles, sizes 70-80-90-100
12 shirt and blouse buttons in black, beige and white
10 pairs of snap fasteners, silver-colored, 8 mm + 10 mm
Pattern copy set:
Simply transfer patterns from templates to fabrics
12 pieces
5 sheets of tissue paper approx. 120 x 110 cm
2 tailor pens, white and blue, for marking the cutting area
4 textile clips for securing fabric and copy paper
1 marking wheel for tracing the pattern on the fabric
Sewing thread assortment: approx. 359 g
Schneider Boutique: approx. 225 g
Pattern copy set: approx. 286 g

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