PARKSIDE digital hot air tool »PHLGD 2000 A1«
Power: 2,000 watts
Temperature: 50 – 650 ° C
Air volume: 250 – 500 l / min
Universal device for detaching, shaping or heating
5-stage adjustable blower

PARKSIDE® digital hot air tool »PHLGD 2000 A1« 1

PARKSIDE digital hot air tool »PHLGD 2000 A1«
Universal device for detaching, deforming or heating
Precise temperature setting in steps of 10 from 50–650 ° C
5-speed adjustable fan
Integrated LC display with memory function
Display of the selected and current temperature in ° C
Background lighting for preheating phase (red) and reached preset temperature (green)
Display of the air volume via bar graph
Robust housing with ergonomic soft grip equipment
Can be set up upright for stationary use
Also ideal as a grill lighter
Accessories included: reducing nozzle, spatula nozzle, surface nozzle, grill nozzle, paint scraper
Technical specifications
Connected load: 2,000 watts
Temperature: 50-650 ° C
Air volume: 250-500 l / min
Housing: plastic
Attachment nozzles: metal, chrome-plated
Device: approx. 260 x 80 x 215 mm
Reducing nozzle: approx. 24.7 x 27 x 36 mm
Spatula nozzle: approx. 78.1 x 50.4 x 36.4 mm
Grill lighter nozzle: approx. 137.5 x 42 x 36.4 mm
Surface nozzle: approx. 78.7 x 65.4 x 36.4 mm
Color scratches: metal triangle: approx. 57.5 x 57.5 mm, handle: approx. 223 x 23.5 mm
Mains cable length: approx. 4 m
approx. 936 g

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