NOBEL LEAGUE men’s business shirt
Slim fit, Kent collar, long sleeves
Iron-free: wash – dry – put on!

NOBEL LEAGUE® men's business shirt 1

NOBEL LEAGUE men’s business shirt, with Kent collar
High quality made from pure cotton
Slim fit
Kent collar
Long sleeve
Tailored cut
Body-hugging chest
Rounded hem
Width adjustable cuff
Buttons sewn on with cross stitch
Gussets on the back
Iron-free: wash – dry – put on!
Made in environmentally friendly and socially responsible companies
Wendler insoles with a quality guarantee for collars and cuffs
Available in: Navy

100% cotton


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size 39 40 41 42 43 44
Bust 113 cm 113 cm 121 cm 121 cm 125 cm 125 cm
Waist size 102 cm 102 cm 108 cm 108 cm 114 cm 114 cm
Back length 80 cm 80 cm 81 cm 81 cm 82 cm 82 cm
Sleeve length 66.5 cm 66.5 cm 66.5 cm 66.5 cm 67.5 cm 67.5 cm

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