ULTIMATE SPEED voltage converter, 300 watt, 2 m cable length, suitable for vehicle 12 V batteries
Continuous output power: 300 watts
Suitable for: Vehicles with 12 V batteries

ULTIMATE SPEED® voltage converter, 300 watts, 2 m cable length, suitable for vehicle 12 V batteries 1

For power supply in the vehicle via socket and USB port (230 V ~ / 5 V⎓)
For smartphones, laptops and power supply units such as cool boxes, sound systems or chargers up to 300 W.
Protected against polarity reversal, overload, overvoltage, short circuit and deep discharge of the vehicle battery
Device-friendly soft start function
Active cooling system with fan operation
Robust aluminum housing with on-off switch, control LEDs and
Suitable for vehicles with 12 V batteries
1 pair of binding posts fully insulated (12 V input)
1 socket (230 V ~ 50 Hz)
2 USB ports (5 V / 2 x 1.0 A)
Incl. Instructions, 2 m cable with 12 V plug and 40 cm cable with clamps
Technical specifications
Input voltage DC: 12 V (10.5 – 14.8 V)
Output voltage AC: 230 V (soft start)
Output power: 300 watts
Output wave: modified sine wave
Frequency: 50 Hz
Efficiency:> 75%
Input connection: red / black binding posts, fully insulated
Low voltage protection: DC 10.5V
Surge protection: DC 14.8V
Overload protection: 330 watts
Overheating protection: 65 ℃
No-load current: 0.5 amps
Fuse: 20 A (2 pcs.)
Housing: aluminum
Main unit: approx. 14 x 8 x 4 cm
Power cable length with plug: approx. 2 m
Adapter length with clamps and socket: approx. 0.4 m
approx. 0.45 kg

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