MELINERA LED 3D light tube figures
Suitable for: indoor and outdoor use
Material: plastic, metal
Special feature: With warm white light

MELINERA® LED 3D light tube figures 1

MELINERA LED 3D light tube figures with warm white light
For indoor and outdoor use
With warm white light
Splashproof (IP44)
Incl. 4 ground spikes for fastening in the ground
6-hour timer with automatic repetition in daily rhythm
Slide: 120 energy-saving and long-life LEDs
Reindeer, reindeer with sleigh: 144 energy-saving and long-lasting LEDs
Lamps cannot be replaced

Technical details
Operating voltage: 230–240 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption per LED: approx. 0.06 W.
Total power consumption: approx. 9 W

Sledge: approx. W 25 x H 33 x D 60 cm
Reindeer: approx. W 60 x H 63 x D 29 cm
Reindeer with sleigh: approx. W 23 x H 39 x D 86 cm
Supply line: approx. 1.5 m

Sledge: approx. 1.38 kg
Reindeer: approx. 1.62 kg
Reindeer with sledge: approx. 1.55 kg

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