ERNESTO combi service, 30 pieces, made of porcelain
Material: porcelain
Microwaveable: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
30-piece set

ERNESTO combi service, 30 pieces
30-piece set
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Round: Modern, curved shape
Angular: modern, curved shape
scope of delivery
6x plates
6x soup plates
6x dessert plates
6x coffee cups
6x coffee saucers
Plate flat: approx. Ø 27.2 x H 2.5 cm
Deep plate: approx. Ø 21.8 cm x H 3.4 cm
Dessert plate: approx. Ø 19 cm x H 1.5 cm
Coffee top: approx. Ø 7.9 x H 7.4 cm
Coffee base: approx. Ø 14.7 x H 1.9 cm
Plate flat: approx. W 24.8 x H 2.3 x L 24.8 cm
Deep plate: approx. W 22.6 x H 4 x L 22.6 cm
Dessert plate: approx. W 19.2 x H 2 x L 19.2 cm
Coffee top: approx. Ø 8.2 x H 6.8 cm
Coffee base: approx. W 14.5 x H 1.4 x L 14.5 cm
Plate flat: approx. 700 g
Deep plate: approx. 410 g
Dessert plate: approx. 293 g
Coffee top: approx. 185 g
Coffee base: approx. 180 g
Plate flat: approx. 700 g
Plate deep: approx. 445 g
Dessert plate: approx. 330 g
Coffee top: approx. 220 g
Coffee base: approx. 180 g

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