PARKSIDE chain sharpener »PSG 85 B2«, 85 watt, individually adjustable sharpening angle
load : 85 watts Motor speed: 5,000 rpm
Disc Ø : max. 104 mm

PARKSIDE chain sharpener »PSG 85 B2«
For all common saw chains with link size ¼ “/ 0.325” / ⅜ “
Convenient and precise sharpening without re-tensioning the saw chain – easy to use
Adjustable chain guide bar with adjustable stop
Individually adjustable sharpening angle
Adjustable depth stop
LED lighting of the sharpening area
Automatic reset of the grinding head
Quiet and low-vibration engine run
Overload protection and protection against unintentional restart
Robust die-cast aluminum base for workbench assembly – including fastening screws
Included accessories: grinding wheel 104 mm (pre-assembled)
Technical specifications
Connected load: 85 watts
Motor speed: 5,000 rpm
Disc diameter: max. 104 mm
Disc bore: Ø 22 mm
With DC motor, copper winding
Housing and handle: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Abrasive base: die-cast aluminum
Grinding protection / eye protection: polycarbonate (PC)
Chain guide rail and stop: steel
approx. 26.4 x 18.8 x 34 cm
approx. 2,163 g (including accessories)

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