Redmax functional pants men, elastic waistband with binding tape, moisture-wicking
Sizes: 2XL – 5XL

Redmax functional pants men, elastic waistband with tie, moisture-wicking 1

Redmax functional pants men
Sustainable coconut finish
Coconuts are delicious in taste, but also perfect to wear! Coconut shells can be recycled into activated charcoal. The result is a soft garment that dries quickly, is breathable, absorbs odors, stays cool and offers UV protection. The perfect garment for an active lifestyle!
Using coconut shells has enormous sustainable benefits: Coconut shells are difficult to biodegrade, recycling is a super sustainable solution. It also reduces the use of non-renewable raw materials and chemical surfaces.
Natural comfort thanks to coconut finish
Comfortable elastic waistband with a tie
Quick-drying and moisture-wicking
Available in: black & green
Black: 93% polyester, 7% elastane
Green: 85% polyester, 15% cotton
2XL – 5XL

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