SILVERCREST deep fryer SFG 1900 A1, with 600 g capacity, non-stick coating
Temperature scale : 130–190 ° C
Capacity: approx. 600 g
Power: approx. 1,900 W

With a heat-insulated housing and two practical carrying hollows
170 ° C setting for low-acrylamide deep-frying (of e.g. French fries)
Indicator lights for on / off and operational readiness
Handle can be folded away in the housing and is easy to store
High-quality, non-stick coated oil pan Corflon Ultra ™ from ILAG®
Sliding thermostat with temperature scale from 130–190 ° C and food indication
Removable lid with aluminum permanent grease filter
Frying basket made of stainless steel
Partly dishwasher safe
Technical specifications
Power consumption: approx. 1,900 W
Oil pan capacity: approx. 2.1 l
Capacity of the frying basket: approx. 600 g
approx. W 30.8 x H 27.5 x D 24.0 cm
Total weight: approx. 2.5 kg
Lid: approx. 582 g
Frying basket: approx. 198 g

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