PARKSIDE tool case, 95 pieces, with wobble extension, cutter, hand saw
Scope: 95 pieces

PARKSIDE tool case
Clearly sorted in a practical and sturdy case
95 pieces – content:
7 open-end wrenches
8 Allen keys
1 water pump pliers
1 combination pliers
1 needle-nose pliers
1 side cutter
1 phase tester
3 screwdrivers
1 screwdriver bit holder
20 bits
10 precision bits
1 precision screwdriver bit holder
1 reversible ratchet with 72 teeth
9 sockets
1 wobble extension 75 mm
1 spark plug insert set 8 sockets
2 bit adapter
1 hammer
1 spirit level
1 measuring tape, 5 m
1 cutter with snap-off blades
10 replacement blades for cutter
1 hand saw 150 mm, including saw blade
3 spare blades for hand saw
Including instructions for phase tester
The wobble function enables you to work at an angle of up to 10 °:
Level 1: Working angle up to 10 ° and max. 162 Nm possible
Step 2: tight fit of the socket wrench inserts: max. 202 Nm
Long nose pliers / combination pliers / side cutters: carbon steel C 55 with 2K handle (polyvinyl chloride (PVC))
Water pump pliers: C55 steel, 2K handle (polyvinyl chloride (PVC))
Double open-end wrench: Cr-V steel
Allen key: Cr-V steel
Screwdriver: Blade Cr-V
Screwdriver, 2-component handle (polypropylene, thermoplastic rubber (TPR))
Bits: China S2 steel
Hammer: Carbon steel C 45 with fiberglass handle and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handle
Cutter knife, blades: body made of plastic, blade made of carbon steel
Tape measure: acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS), thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Housing Spirit level: acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS)
approx. W 30 x H 8 x L 40 cm
approx. 5.1 kg

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