PARKSIDE wet and dry grinder PNTS 250 C2
Grinding machine for wet and dry grinding
Power: 250 watts
Accessories: 2 grinding wheels
Low-noise and low-vibration operation
Slow-running wet grinding wheel
Fast-running dry grinding wheel

PARKSIDE® wet and dry grinder PNTS 250 C2 1

PARKSIDE wet / dry grinder »PNTS 250 C2« suitable for many materials
Ideal for processing metal, wood, plastic as well as tools, cutting devices or blades
Slow running wet grinding wheel with corrosion-free water tank including closable drain opening
Fast-running dry grinding wheel with adjustable spark protection
Work surface adjustable without tools
Low-noise and low-vibration operation
Splash-proof on-off switch
Suitable for standard grinding wheels
Fixed workbench assembly possible (assembly material not included)
Technical specifications

Connected load: 250 watts (S2 30 min), 190 W (S1)
Wet grinding wheel speed: approx. 129.5 min-¹
Speed ​​of dry grinding wheel: approx. 2980 min-¹
Included grinding wheels:
Wet grinding wheel K 80 (Ø 200 x Ø 20 x 40 mm)
Dry grinding wheel grit 36 ​​(Ø 150 x Ø 12.7 x 20 mm)
Power cord length: 2 m

Metal, plastic


approx. 40.2 x 25 x 25 cm


approx. 8.6 kg

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