SILVERCREST facial sauna »SGS 100 B1«, 100 watts
Power: 100 W
Filling quantity: max. 50 ml

SILVERCREST facial sauna »SGS 100 B1« with steam attachments and measuring cup
For cosmetic skin care and for inhalation
Opens the pores
1 large steamer for the face
1 steamer for the nose – ideal for inhaling and for targeted treatment of the nose area
Both attachments with an extra diffuser for beneficial aroma or herbal applications
2 power levels, an LED indicator light and individually adjustable steam outlet
Automatic shutdown when the water tank is empty
Including measuring cup
Aluminum water tank (filling volume max. 50 ml)
Including instructions
Technical specifications
Power consumption: 100 W

Facial sauna: approx. 293 x 198 x 185 mm
Inhalation mask: approx. 156 x 100 mm

Base: approx. 365 g
Face mask including steam regulator: approx. 170 g
Inhalation mask: approx. 85 g
Aroma lid: approx. 8.3 g
Measuring cup: approx. 10.5g
Total weight: approx. 638.8 g

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