PARKSIDE disc sander »PTSG 140«, 140 watt, adjustable angle, low vibration
Max. Power: 140 W
Idle speed: 3600 rpm
Sanding pad: approx. Ø 125 mm

PARKSIDE® disc sander »PTSG 140«, 140 watt, adjustable angle, low vibration 1


For precise processing of soft and hard wood
Ideal for clean edges, curves or mitres at all angles
Low-vibration, quiet motor run with continuously adjustable grinding speed
Infinitely angled grinding table
Stop that can be moved in parallel with a freely adjustable angle
Vertical or horizontal device setup (can be fixed with the included screw clamp)
Connection for external dust extraction including removable adapter
Sanding pad with Velcro fastening
Accessories included:
Set of 6 sandpaper with Velcro (80/150/240 grit – 2 x each)
1 angle stop
1 screw clamp
1 adapter including reducer for external dust extraction
1 Allen key
Technical specifications

Connected load: 140 W (S2 15 min)
Idle speed engine: max. 3,600 rpm
Sanding table angle: -10 ° to + 50 °
Sanding pad: approx. Ø 125 mm
Mains cable length: approx. 2 m
Disc sander: approx. 185 x 285 x 156 mm
Sandpaper (6 pieces): approx. Ø 125 mm
Disc sander: approx. 2.365 kg
Angle stop: approx. 55 g
Screw clamp: approx. 144 g
Sandpaper (6 pieces): approx. 44 g
Suction adapter, reducer: approx. 50 g

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