PARKSIDE drill / chisel hammer »PBH 1500 F6«, 1500 watt, with keyless chuck
Power : 1,500 W
Number of impacts: 3,900 rpm
Impact energy: 5 J.

PARKSIDE drill and chisel hammer »PBH 1500 F6«, 1500 watts

For powerful processing of concrete, stone, metal or wood
Pneumatic hammer mechanism with high impact force
Central selector switch for all functions:
Drilling – without impact
Hammer drilling – with the hammer mechanism switched on
Chiselling – activated hammer mechanism with rotation stop
Setting for chisel alignment (stepless)
Keyless chuck with mounting according to the SDS-Plus system
Attachable key type drill chuck for round shank drills (not for hammer drilling or chiselling)
Additional handle can be rotated 360 °
Switch handle with setting wheel for speed limitation
Anti-slip soft grip equipment
Control lamp to display the carbon brush consumption
Accessories included:
3 SDS drills (12 x 160 mm, 16/18 x 250 mm)
1 pointed chisel (14 x 250 mm)
1 flat chisel (14 x 25 x 21 mm)
1 metal depth stop
1 key-type drill chuck for round shank drills including key
1 two-hole assembly key
Technical specifications

Rated power: 1,500 watts
AC motor, aluminum winding
Idle speed: 0 – 800 min⁻¹
Idle impact rate: 0 – 3,900 rpm
Impact energy: 5 J
Vibration dampening
Max. Drilling capacity Ø:
Concrete and stone: 32 mm
Metal: 13 mm
Wood: 40 mm

Housing: polyamide, glass fiber (PA6 + GF30)
Soft grip: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Case: hard polyethylene (HDPE)

Hammer (including additional handle): approx. 257 x 385 x 115 mm
Drill chuck with SDS adapter: approx. 107 x Ø 42 mm
Set of 3 drills:
approx. 160 x Ø 12 mm
approx. 250 x Ø 16 mm
approx. 250 x Ø 18 mm
Pointed chisel: approx. 250 x Ø 14 mm
Flat chisel: approx. 250 x Ø 14 mm
Depth stop: approx. 250 x Ø 6.5 mm
Case: approx. 312 x 420 x 135 mm

Hammer (including additional handle): approx. 4,900 g
Drill chuck with SDS adapter (including key): approx. 350 g
Set of 3 bits: approx. 500 g
Pointed chisel: approx. 227 g
Flat chisel: approx. 240 g
Depth stop: approx. 53 g
Case: approx. 1,430 g

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