PARKSIDE® drill accessory set »PDZ 276 A2«, 276 pieces
Suitable for: wood, plastic, metal
Set: 276 pieces

PARKSIDE® drill accessory set »PDZ 276 A2«, 276 pieces
For drilling, milling, engraving, polishing, cleaning, grinding or cutting
For wood, plastic and metal
For common multifunctional tools and fine boring grinders (suitable for e.g. Parkside, Dremel, Proxxon etc.)
Including instructions and storage box
52 x sanding belts
9 x felt discs
2 x rubber polishing discs 22mm (diameter)
3 x sanding drums (small / medium / large)
12 x diamond burrs
2 x diamond cutting disc
9 x HSS drill bits
3 x collets
6 x aluminum oxide whetstone
4 x silicon carbide whetstone
3 x PP brush
3 x wire brush
1 x brass brush
6 x aluminum oxide grinding wheel
6 x silicon carbide grinding wheel
6 x grinding wheel
6 x rubber polishing tips
40 x silicon carbide sandpaper in storage box
40 x aluminum oxide sandpaper in storage box
36 x cutting discs in storage box
1 x polishing paste in storage box
1 x whetstone
1 x mandrel for felt disc
1 x mandrel for grinding wheel
1 x mandrel for cutting disc
1 x open-ended wrench
16 x cutting discs, fiberglass reinforced
4 x sanding fans
1 x intake sandpaper
approx. W 18 x H 18.5 x D 12.8 cm

approx. 955 g

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