PARKSIDE® stick electrode 1 kg doubleVoltage: 70 VElongation: ≥ 20%Set: 2 x 1 kgEasy ignition and re-ignition.Little slag formation

PARKSIDE® stick electrode 2 x 1 kg
For joining low-alloy steel
Suitable for all welding positions – can also be welded downwards
Easy ignition and re-ignition
Little slag formation
Stick electrodes 2.0 mm: Universal stick electrode »PSE 300 B1«
Stick electrodes 2.5 mm: Universal stick electrode »PSE 350 B1«
Technical specifications
Tensile strength: 470-600 N / mm²
Elongation: ≥ 20%
Ignition voltage: 70 V
Stick electrodes 2.0 mm:
Amperage: 35-60 A.
Weld metal thickness: 2-4 mm
Stick electrodes 2.5 mm:
Weld metal thickness: 2-6 mm
Amperage: 70-100 A.
Stick electrodes 2.0 mm: approx. Ø 2.0 x L 300 mm
Stick electrodes 2.5 mm: approx. Ø 2.5 x L 350 mm
2 kg

Smoke and gases can endanger your health. Arc radiation can injure your eyes and burn your skin.
Read and follow the safety instructions of the welding machine manufacturer and, if necessary, the safety regulations of your employer.
Keep your head out of the welding smoke.
Provide adequate ventilation and extraction at the welding point to keep smoke and gases out of your work area.
Wear suitable eye and body protection.
Observe the applicable accident prevention regulations and safety instructions.

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