PARKSIDE® welding magnet, made of steelAngle holder / double holder

PARKSIDE® welding magnet, helper during welding and assembly
Practical helper for welding and assembly
Welding angle magnet
For holding flat workpieces made of ferrous metal at precise angles
Holds the workpiece firmly and securely at a 45 °, 90 ° or 135 ° angle
Double holder:
Double magnet
Variable angle adjustment
2 strong magnets hold the workpiece firmly and safely
Technical specifications
Holder: Magnetic capacity: 8 kg
Double holder: Magnetic capacity: 20 kg

Holder: approx. W 190 x H 122 x D 24 mm
Double holder: approx. W 205 x H 86 x D 40 mm
Holder: approx. 978 g
Double holder: approx. 1150 g
Caution! This packaging contains strong magnets.
Therefore keep them away from pacemakers, magnetic cards (eg credit cards), cell phones, electronic items and airplanes (in accordance with travel regulations).
Keep away from children

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