PARKSIDE® filter bags PFT 30 A1 10 pieces / fleece filter bags PVFT 30 A1 4 pieces
Volume: 30 l

PARKSIDE® filter bags »PFT 30 A1« 10 parts / fleece filter bags »PVFT 30 A1« 4 parts

Volume: 30 l
Suitable for Parkside devices of the PNTS 1400, PNTS 1500, PWD 25 and PWD 30 series as well as for many common branded devices, such as from Kärcher, Einhell or other manufacturers
Filter bags »PFT 30 A1«
2-layer paper filter with a cap
Quantity: 10 pieces
Fleece filter bag »PVFT 30 A1«
For use with wet / dry vacuum cleaners
3-layer fleece filter with closure
High degree of dust retention
Quantity: 4 pieces


Filter bag: paper
Fleece filter bag: microfiber
PARKSIDE® filter bags

Filter bag: approx. 79.5 x 34 x 19 cm
Fleece filter bag: approx. 52 x 60 cm

Filter bag: 895 g (for 10 pieces)
Fleece filter bag: 230 g (for 4 pieces)

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