PARKSIDE® hammer sortingFäustel / lock hammer / claw hammer / rubber hammer

PARKSIDE® hammer sorting

High quality handle made of hickory wood
Fäustel, machinist’s hammer, roofing hammer: forged hammer head
Claw hammer: practical magnetic nail holder
Rubber mallet: head on both sides


Steel, rubber, wood
PARKSIDE® hammer sorting

Fäustel: approx. L 26 cm
Engineer’s hammer: approx. L 32 cm
Claw hammer: approx. 33.5 cm long
Rubber hammer: approx. L 34 cm

Fäustel: approx. 1000 g
Engineer’s hammer: approx. 500 g
Claw hammer: approx. 600 g
Rubber mallet: approx. 700 g

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