Emerio floor cleaner FC-123454Tank capacity fresh water 400 mlTank capacity dirty water 250 ml

Emerio floor cleaner FC-123454
2in1 | Mopping and drying floors in just one pass, which saves time. The floors dry quickly and almost streak-free CLEAN | Thoroughly picks up dirt, spilled liquids and also animal hair from all sealed hard floors, e.g. hardwood, tiles, laminate, vinyl and linoleum | The interchangeable rollers (4 pieces included) do an excellent job and rotate at up to 400 revolutions per minute (rpm) FLEXIBLE | Cordless and lightweight, it offers up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning CLEVER | The large integrated tank has a 2 chamber system. 400ml for the clean fresh water and 250ml as a collecting container for the dirty water


Fresh water tank capacity 400ml
Tank capacity dirty water 250ml
Roller speed 400rpm
Including 2 sets of rollers
Operating time 30 min
Lithium battery
DC 11.1V
2200 mAh
Charging time (hours) 3

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