PARKSIDE inspection camera » PKI 2.8 B1« Lighting: 6x LED Resolution: 640 x 480

Gehe zu Vollbildansicht: PARKSIDE® Inspektionskamera » PKI 2.8 B1« - Bild 1
Gehe zu Vollbildansicht: PARKSIDE® Inspektionskamera » PKI 2.8 B1« - Bild 3

PARKSIDE inspection camera with »PKI 2.8 B1« display, with 4-stage zoom function
Lighting: 6x LED (adjustable in 10 steps)
4 step zoom function
Gooseneck: flexible
Automatic white and brightness balance
Separate brightness control of the display on the handset
Display brightness level of the lighting (LEDs)
Battery level indicator (3 segments)
Good visibility of the display from all viewing directions
With image recording and playback function
Part rubber covered handle
Auto power off function when idle without pressing the button for about 20 minutes
Built-in flash memory up to 2000 photos, each based on an image resolution of 640×480
Accessories included: 4 x AA batteries,
Blow molded plastic tote bag with transparent window
Adapters (for hooks, for double hooks, for mirrors and for magnets), micro USB cable
Technical specifications
Camera resolution: 640 x 480 (is not checked/rated by OBL)
Camera head diameter: 8 mm
Display: 2.8″ TFT-LCD with 180 rotating image
Display resolution: 240 x 320px
Total length of the gooseneck construction (incl. camera head and adapter foot – measured up to the housing of the handset): approx. 120 cm
Protection class: IP67 (camera head and flexible gooseneck)
Power supply: 4x AA batteries
Operating time: approx. 350 min
Connection: Micro USB connection, for data transmission via Micro USB cable
Keypad: 6 fully rubberized keys

Handset with display: approx. L 19.8 x W 9.0 x H 3.8 cm
Total length of gooseneck with camera head and adapter base: 120 cm
approx. 445 g

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