SILVERCREST espresso machine SEMS 1100 B2 + coffee grinder conical grinder SKKM 200 A1

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SILVERCREST espresso machine »SEMS 1100 B2«, 1100 watts


With portafilter system

Powerful 15 bar pump pressure for perfect crema and ideal aroma development

2 sieve inserts for 1 or 2 cups

Pivoting 2-in-1 high-pressure steam nozzle: hot water outlet and milk frothing nozzle

Removable water tank (max. 1.2 l)

Automatic switch-off and operating indicator lights

Removable drip tray with water level indicator and removable drip grid

Included accessories: 2x filters for 1 cup or 2 cups, 1x filter holder, 1x 2-in-1 coffee spoon with plunger

Technical specifications

Power consumption: 1100W

Operating Voltage: 220-240V

Cable Length: 1m


plastic, aluminum


approx. W 30.4 x H 22.4 x D 25.9 cm


Total: 3140g

Large Sieve: 40g

Small Screen: 36g

Measuring spoon with plunger: 22 g

Drip tray: 50 g

Draining grid: 40 g

Water tank: 180g

Portafilter: 102g

SILVERCREST coffee grinder with conical grinder


With conical grinder made of high-quality stainless steel

Freshly ground coffee at the push of a button

Perfect for all coffee machines (e.g. filter coffee machines, French press, espresso machine and much more)

Adjustment of the degree of grinding in 35 different levels

Adjustable amount of coffee powder for 1-14 cups (timed)

Auto-off function when the amount of powder is reached

Ground coffee container with removable lid and rubber stopper

Removable, easy-to-clean grinding ring

Portafilter holder for direct dosing for espresso and portafilter machines

Capacity: coffee beans approx. 250 g

Ground coffee container, ground coffee container lid, coffee bean container lid and portafilter holder are dishwasher-safe

Technical specifications

Power consumption: 200W


Total: approx. 190 x 142 x 330 mm

Cable length: approx. 100 cm


approx. 1913 g

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