PARKSIDE Set of 2 crowbars or set of 4 mounting levers
Variants: crowbars, assembly levers
Material: carbon steel, steel

Product description
set of crowbars
2 pcs.
for removing nails, floorboards, for demolition work, etc.
crowbars forged from hexagonal steel
with bent ends

set of mounting levers
4 pcs.
made of hardened CrV steel
2-component handles with cover
crowbar set:
set of mounting levers:
200 mm: blade length 100 x blade thickness 6 mm
300 mm: blade length 175 x blade thickness 8.5 mm
450 mm: blade length 315 x blade thickness 10 mm
600 mm: blade length 465 x blade thickness 12 mm
Material of manufacture
crowbars: carbon steel
assembly levers: steel, plastic
600mm: approx. 1050g
900mm: approx. 1980g
mounting levers: approx. 1443 g
200mm: Approx. 96g
300mm: Approx. 227g
450mm: Approx. 419g
600mm: Approx. 701g

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