Crelando sewing thread set / professional tailor set

CRELANDO® sewing thread set / professional tailor set 1

Sewing thread range
Suitable for all sewing machines
Good running properties even at high sewing speeds
36 bobbins, each 100 m syngarn thread (100% polyester)
12 bobbins, each 50 m high tear-resistant thread (100% polyester)
6 spools of 50 m of glossy effect thread in various colors (75% polyester, 25% PET)
4 spools of 10 m elastic sewing thread (56% elastodes, 44% polyester)
2 spools of 50 m transparent sewing thread (100% polyamide)
60 pieces
Professional cutter set
Various accessories for home and hobby tailoring
For cutting:
1 marking wheel with wooden handle
1 Schneider marker pen with a brush
1 measuring tape 150 cm
1 tailor scissors with blade protection
1 seam separator with protective hood
1 rotary cutter
For the sewing machine:
5 sewing machine needles JEANS (80-90-100)
5 sewing machine needles UNIVERSAL (70-80-90-100)
Needles and helpers:
80 steel pins
12 safety pins
1 metal thimble
1 arm pincushion with Velcro fastener
1 stuffed egg made of wood
111 pieces

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