SilverCrest Anti Dust Mites Handheld Vacuum Cleaner SMS 300 A1

SILVERCREST® mite vacuum, 300 watts, with UV disinfection lamp, including 2 filters 1

IAN: 305356

Anti Dust Mites Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Effective against dust mites, germs and bacteria
3 functions: UV lamp, suction mode and vibration mode
Cleans dust and dirt off beds, mattresses and upholstery
UV light sterilises surfaces – without any chemicals
With auto shut-off function: UV light only activates on contact with surfaces with the button pressed
Easy-to-clean, removable dust container – no bags required
Washable HEPA filter included
Output: 300 Watt, 6W UV-C lamp
Dust container: 125ml
Cord length approx. 4m

Effective against mites, germs and bacteria
3 functions: UV disinfection lamp, suction mode and roll and tap function
Removes dust and dirt from beds, mattresses and cushions
Surfaces are sterilized by UV light – without any chemicals
With auto-off function: UV light only switches on when it comes into contact with surfaces and the switch is pressed at the same time
Easy-to-clean and removable dust container – no bag required
Including 2 washable HEPA filters
Dust container: 125 ml
Technical specifications
Power: 300 watts
6 watt UV-C lamp
W 24.3 x H 11.3 x L 30.5 cm
Cable length approx. 4 m
approx.1.25 kg

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