Parkside Portable Compressor PKZ 180 C4

IAN: 311839

Portable Compressor PKZ 180 C4
Versatile use for compressed air work such as inflating and blowing
Powerful electric motor for fast pressure build-up
Oil- and maintenance-free operation
Robust housing with carry handle and feet
On/off switch with control light
Stowable air pressure hose with quick coupling
Built-in accessory compartment

 many applications when using compressed air, such as filling and blowing
efficient electric motor facilitates quick pressure increase
maintenance-free oil-free operation
durable housing with handle and legs
on / off switch with indicator light
retractable compressed air hose with a fitting
integrated compartment for accessories
without tank
accessories included: 1 pressure gun with pressure gauge, 1 hose with quick lever closing, 9-piece set of fittings and nozzles for all common applications
information: the device is not suitable for pneumatic tools – use only with attachments
Technical specifications
engine power: 1100 W
operating pressure: max. 8 bar
speed: 3550 min
suction power: approx. 180 l / min
compressor: 464 x 337 x 138 mm
gun with pressure gauge: 238 x 76.5 mm
network cable length: 5 m
compressed air line length: 3 m
Material made
housing: polyamide, fiberglass
connectors: plastic, metal
compressor: 5500 g

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