Parkside angle grinder accessory set, for common angle grinders

PARKSIDE® angle grinder accessory set, for common angle grinders 1

Accessories for angle grinders
For common angle grinders (e.g. from Parkside, Bosch, Black & Decker, Einhell, Makita, Kress, Metabo)
Diamond cutting discs:
4 pieces
High cutting performance with a long service life
Cutting disc set for wet and dry cuts
1 full rim disc for wet cutting of ceramics, tiles, marble slabs, thin granites and similar materials
1 segment disc for dry cutting of concrete, roof tiles, clinker and similar materials
2 turbo discs for universal wet / dry cutting
Pot brush:
Ideal for removing rust, lacquer or paint from metal
Braided brush for powerful processing of metal surfaces
Abrasive fleece:
6 pieces
For structuring wood, derusting metal and sanding varnishes
Set for gentle to strong surface preparation (2 x K 100/280/800 each)
Also suitable for use with common eccentric grinders (Ø 125 mm) or drilling machines
Cutting disc set:
11 cutting discs for metal
For processing thin-walled profiles and pipes made of metal
Technical specifications
Diamond cutting discs, cutting disc set:
Speed: max. 12250 rpm (max. 80 m / s)
Bore approx.22.23 mm
Base sheet approx. 1.2 mm
Pot brush:
Speed: max. 12500 rpm
Thread: M14
Diamond cutting discs, pot brush: steel
Abrasive fleece: textile
Cutting disc set: corundum, synthetic resin, fiber reinforcement
Diamond cutting discs: approx.Ø 125 mm
Cup brush: approx. Ø 75 mm
Abrasive fleece: approx. Ø 128 mm
Cutting disc set: approx. Ø 125 x H 1.2 mm
Diamond cutting discs: approx. 479 g
Pot brush: approx. 280 g
Abrasive fleece: approx. 120 g
Cutting disc set: approx. 323 g

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