PLAYTIVE JUNIOR vehicle set With beech wood base and robust plastic / from 3 years

PLAYTIVE® JUNIOR vehicle set 1

Emergency vehicles:
Fire brigade with foldable ladder, ambulance, police and traffic lights
4 parts
Construction vehicles:
Helicopter with rotating rotor, taxi, bus and street sign
4 parts
Transport vehicles:
Excavator with movable bucket, concrete mixer with rotating drum, road roller with movable roller and 4 pylons
7 pieces
Agricultural vehicles:
Combine with a movable roller, tractor with trailer and hay bale
4 parts
With beech wood base and robust plastic
All vehicles with magnetic couplings
Can be combined with other Playtive Junior vehicle sets
Compatible with standard wooden rail and wooden road sets
Age recommendation: from 3 to 8 years
Emergency vehicles:
Ambulance: W 3.2 x H 4.68 x D 8.6 cm
Fire engine: approx. W 3.2 x H 5.3 x D 8.8 cm
Police car: approx. W 3.2 x H 4.1 x D 8.8 cm
Traffic light: approx. W 3 x H 8 x D 0.8 cm
Construction vehicles:
Roller: approx. W 3.18 x H 5 x D 8 cm
Mixer: approx. W 3.14 x H 5.2 x D 8.5 cm
Bucket excavator: approx. W 3.14 x H 6.23 x D 7.5 cm
Pylons: each approx.Ø 2.4 x H 3.5 cm
Transport vehicles:
Bus: approx. W 3.12 x H 4.6 x D 8.8 cm
Taxi: approx.W 3.14 x H 4.3 x D 8.6 cm
Helicopter: approx. W 3 x H 4.6 x D 9 cm
Traffic sign: approx. W 3 x H 7.3 x D 0.27 cm
Agricultural vehicles:
Tractor: approx. W 3.25 x H 4.9 x D 7.3 cm
Combine: approx. W 6.5 x H 5.0 x D 12 cm
Pendant: approx.W 3.3 x H 4.3 x D 9.1 cm
Bales of straw: approx. W 2.7 x H 2.3 x D 7 cm
Emergency vehicles: approx. 135 g
Construction vehicles: approx. 137 g
Transport vehicles: approx. 105 g
Aircraft: approx. 170 g

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