TRONIC universal battery charger »TLG 1000 D6«
Timer switch-off: after 17 hours
Suitable for: Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries
Simultaneous charging of up to 8 batteries

TRONIC universal battery charger with display »TLG 1000 D6«
Minus-Delta-U shutdown – no overcharging of the batteries possible (AA / AAA / C / D)
Simultaneous charging of up to 8 batteries
Suitable for Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries
Charge status display via LC display
Charging slots with LED status display of the charging programs
Intelligent charging control with individual slot monitoring and refresh function for consistently high battery performance
With timer switch-off after 17 hours
Can be used worldwide through 100-240 V input voltage
Reverse polarity protection and automatic battery detection
Charging programs: refresh function, pre-charging, charging and trickle charging
W 16.9 x H 24.0 x D 6.0 cm
approx. 660 g

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