PARKSIDE battery and charger, for PAP 20 A1, 20 V lithium-ion, with quick charger From our “PARKSIDE X 20 V Team” series Battery: 20 V lithium-ion charger Rated current : 2.4 A.

PARKSIDE® battery and charger, for »PAP 20 A1«, 20 V lithium-ion, with quick charger 1

Powerful lithium-ion battery with charger
Powerful 20 V lithium-ion battery (2 Ah) with 3-stage charge status display
Including 60-minute quick charger with automatic charge cut-off (2 Ah battery charged in 60 minutes)
Compatible with all devices of the “PARKSIDE X 20 V Team” series
OUR TIP: To check the battery status, press the “Battery status” button. The status or the remaining power is shown in the battery display LED as follows:
RED / ORANGE / GREEN = maximum charge
RED / ORANGE = medium charge
RED = weak charge – charge the battery
All compatible devices of our 20 volt series can be found here:

Technical details
Battery 2 Ah »PAP 20 A1«:
Type: lithium ion
Rated voltage: 20 V
Capacity: 2 Ah
Charger »PLG 20 A1«:
Rated power: 65 watts
Rated current: 2.4 A
Polyamide 6 (PA6 + GF30)
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Battery: approx. 127 x 52 x 84 mm
Charger: approx. 140 x 84 x 68 mm
Battery: approx. 440 g
Charger: approx. 315 g

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